AX102 Model Pneumatic Cylinder

Pneumatic Cylinder

Product Details

Bore (mm)32 l 40 l 50 l 63 l 80 l 100 l 125
Piston Rod12 l 16 l 20 l 20 l 25 l 25 l 32
Stroke25mm to 1000mm (Up to 2000mm)
Pressure0.5 ~ 10 kg/cm²

Female Clevise, Wall Bracket Mounting, Eye Rod Mounting, Fork Mounting, Clevis Foot Bracket, Clevis Foot Mounting, Foot Mounting, Front & Rear Trunnion Mounting, Male Clevis, Pivot Mounting, Rod End Aligner Mounting, Front/Rear Flange Mounting, Wall Bracket Mounting Female & Male Clevis, Center Trunnion Mounting

MediumCompressed air - filtered - lubricated